Monday, May 7, 2007

A Long Time Coming

I have a tendency to start reading a book and either a) never finishing it or b) finishing it so long after I started it that I don't remember what the book was about. In the case of The Tipping Point, I would say that "b" would be the closest answer. I started reading the book, which I enjoyed thoroughly, last April when Beth and I were sitting in the airport in Treviso, Italy with nothing else to do. After reading the book while in Italy, London, and Paris, I came back to the States with less than a hundred pages left. That's when the book basically got thrown to the side and all but forgotten about. Luckily Beth kept asking me when I was going to finish it and I can finally say that after spending over a year in the process of reading it, I have finished The Tipping Point. Don't let my lack of efficiency in reading it detour you. It was a very good book. You should check it out.

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afoos said...

Tell me about it! I am trekking through a book that I begin BEFORE GAB WAS BORN!!! I am determined to finish it this month!

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