Monday, May 14, 2007

Life on a Plane

We're leaving for Paris in three days and it got me thinking about being stuck on an airplane for 10 hours and all the things that really annoy me. Here are a few. First of all, crying babies annoy me. Kids are great(I have a niece and newphew).....not when they're crying. I know that sometimes parents can't do anything about it and kids just cry, but that doesn't make it any better when I'm trying to watch a movie or sleep in peace. Second, I can't stand people who try to dominate the area around them. You're in seat 22C for a reason. Do you want to know why? That's your space! Stay out of mine. As well, just because you bought a ticket doesn't mean you can throw your junk in every overhead compartment on the plane. Third, it's an airplane, not a five star restaurant. Don't order the most complicated meal known to mankind. You have two options, beef or pasta....pick one! Finally, if it's not an emergency, don't hit the "flight attendant assitance button." Whatever you need, it's just not that important. Thinking of these things makes me excited to get on a plane on Thursday. I can't wait to see what it will bring me this time.

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Andie said...

I have two words for parents: cough syrup! It worked miracles for us with Gab on both plane trips this year. But, it's true that sometimes you just can't calm them down, no matter what you do. And, rest assured that the parents are just as stressed and annoyed that their kids are bothering everyone around them. Hope that you won't have any screaming babies on this trip!

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