Friday, May 11, 2007

Crunch Time

We are officially leaving for Paris in less than a week. And after being with Beth for two previous international trips, I now consider this period of time "crunch time." It's the time when Beth starts to have "so many" things to do that she wonders aloud "how will I get it all done?" For me, this is the time where I kind of go into auto-pilot. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the fact that I'm about to be on vacation. If you ask Beth about what I'm talking about, I think she'll agree. Personally I enjoy watching Beth during this time. Because she always gets everything done and with enough time left to relax a little. It's the stress involved at the beginning that is quite entertaining.

Luckily, one of Beth's stresses from previous trips has been resolved. She no longer has to worry about adaptors for her hair dryer and straightener and what she's going to do to insure beautiful hair the entire trip. She solved that problem our first trip to Paris last year when she fried both of them while not realizing the voltage differences. I can't say I can blame her though because I didn't know about the different voltages either and I've traveled to Europe many times.

Beth's plan this time around: buy a European hair dryer and straightener.

I hope this works. Maybe crunch time will be easier this time around.

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