Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Most people when they apply for a job they send a resume. When Beth applies for a job she puts together the most amazing packet of cover letters, resumes, test scores, and teaching philosophies and there is only one word to described these packets, amazing...Beth put together 40 or so packets to send out to various schools in the Houston areas in hopes of finding a teaching position. She got a call this morning from a principal less than one day after he received her packet. Now I may have written about Beth and her lists and her organization and how I think it's funny and all, but the bottom line is, she took on this teaching thing head on and really went for it. I am so impressed and amazed by all she's done, including her 95% score on her test, that I can't wait to see what her teaching future brings her. I know she'll be an all-star!

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