Monday, April 23, 2007

What a weekend

Well I must say our weekend was pretty interesting. We worked for Sweet Leaf Tea this weekend at the Grand Prix of Houston. Auto races seem to bring out all sorts of different people which made it fun. Our job basically consisted of handing out samples of 9 different teas to anyone who wanted to try it. It was fun though. We got to go to something that we probably never would have gone to. The race itself was actually kind of cool. The cars were going 120 mph around the track on these tight, narrow curves. And all the cars were packed in together.

The picture above is Beth and I along with Bryan Shippey(we worked with Bryan at Hollister), and Tyler. Bryan and Tyler both work for Sweet Leaf Tea in Houston. The picture below is of Ryan Smith(another guy we worked with at Hollister) and myself drinking the tea. If you're gonna sell it, you gotta drink it.

Beth and I working hard!

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