Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pure Insanity!

Beth and I did some crazy stuff last night. Two things actually. The first thing we did was go out to dinner. This may not sound too crazy to most people, but for Beth and I it is. First off, we hardly ever go out to dinner as we are kind of on a budget. Second is, we never go out to dinner during the week. Our weekly meals normally consist of frozen pizzas, pasta, or boxed mashed potatoes. Don't laugh. They are all rather tasty. Last night was different. We had to go to the mall so Beth could buy a birthday present and we just decided to get crazy, so we ate dinner at the Kona Grill at the Galleria. Don't worry, it was reverse happy hour so everything was half-price. Score!

So now you may be asking yourself, what could Beth and Tony have done that would be more crazy than going out to dinner? I'm glad you asked. We stayed up until 11:30 p.m.!!! Trust me, I'm as shocked as you are. This is very crazy, especially for me since I am usually the one passed out asleep by 10 every night. I'm an old man, what can I say? But we managed to do it last night, thanks to American Idol which we just had to watch when we got home since it was recorded on our DVR. So anyway, I've spent this morning trying to recover from the craziness of last night. Note to self: try to tone it down next time!

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