Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My First Post

Since this is the fabulous first post, I don't really know where to start! I've never really been a journal or diary writer so who knows what possessed me to want to have a blog. I know that Tony really wants to write about our trips and give all the good details of places to go, things to see, hotels, restaurants, and all that good stuff. So eventually I'll get in the writing spirit...I hope!

In keeping with the travel theme, we are planning on taking a few trips this year: Paris, Toledo, OH, and Italy are on the list right now. We are going to Paris in May for about 5 days to visit Tony's sister, Andie, and her family. Details on this trip later! The trip to Toledo will be a long weekend trip. My sister, Stacy, is an amazing golfer and will be playing in the Jamie Farr LPGA golf tournament. Since I was born there and all of my Dad's side of the family lives in Toledo, it's a big family reunion complete with a serious volleyball game! Then, the big trip for the year will be in December between Christmas and New Years to Italy. We are going to join all of Tony's family for a fun vacation in Florence, Pisa, Rome, and Naples!

This is how the remainder of this year will go for Tony and me. We have not had a vacation since September of last year and we're dying to go to Paris in a month. If we both had not just changed jobs in October of last year, we probably would have gone on vacation already! That 6 months before you can take vacation at a new job can be a long 6 months! -B

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