Monday, April 30, 2007

Festival Groupies

Tony and I had another busy weekend! We spent all of Saturday in The Woodlands visiting with my parents (had lunch with my mom while my dad was golfing), went for a run, and layed out by the pool. We had been wanting to spend some time by the pool all week, so it was really nice. After that we went out to dinner at for one of my best friend's (Sarah) birthday.

Once again we had another Sweet Leaf Tea weekend. We spent all day Sunday from noon until 10 pm out at the International Festival selling tea. We had a run in with the health inspector who threatened to shut us down for not wearing hats! He was not a very nice guy about it either. It was only a minor problem though because Tony picked up some free hats from the GMC tent next door. We had never run into such a rude health inspector, but I guess there's one in every bunch.

The weekend went by too fast and now we're back to work this week. The trip to Paris is that much closer though! Only 2 more full weeks!

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