Monday, April 18, 2016

Emma is One Month!

Our little Emma turned One Month old last week!

She is growing and getting more used to a schedule, and the same is true for the rest of us! We are getting more used to having a newborn again and a new sister for Cole and Cate. The good thing is we've done this twice before and the endless nursing, crying, and short nights of sleep are all short lived. The bad news is, so are the snuggles on your chest, the tiny little hands and feet, and lots of naps. So we will take the good with the difficult for now, and know that the tough times are not that bad in the long run. We already feel like we've come a long way since the first two weeks!
Emma is on a three hour nursing schedule, with a few shorter ones here and there. She also naps between almost every feeding. We are trying to get her moved to her crib soon and taking some naps there during the day to get her used to it. But she is sleeping a lot in the car, especially on school days. It just can't be avoided with the third baby!
She wears a size 1 diaper and is starting to stretch the newborn clothes. She's definitely worn those the longest of the three kids. She can wear newborn and 0-3 months now.
Emma has been on the go lately! She's going to soccer games, school, out to eat, on errands, the park, etc. She's done great and mostly sleeps through whatever is going on!
Cole and Cate love her too! They always want to hold her or give her kisses and notice when she's around. They like to talk to her in baby voices, pick out her clothes, and push the stroller. I know they will think it's really fun as she starts to interact with them more and more. She's really been a good baby and we all love her so much!

Here's a little comparison of Cole, Cate, and Emma at one month!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Easter Recap

Since we were learning how to take care of a newborn and two busy kids, we survived Easter the best we could!  We managed to get everyone ready for church but it basically wore us out for the rest of the day!  Cole even changed his clothes before I could get a picture of all three of them!
Say "CANDY"!!!
Poor Emma's dress was huge on her because I bought a 0-3 month size thinking she would be a big baby too!
Easter Sunday was also rainy, so we didn't even do another egg hunt. But the kids had already been to two egg hunts!  One was our neighborhood egg hunt that we've been to the past few years. 
It was actually a little chilly in the morning. 
Tony helped Cate get her eggs. 
She was pumped about all her candy!
Cole ran as fast as he could to get the eggs in his area!
He was excited because his good buddy from school was there! He basically hung out with him the entire time. 
Cole and Cate also went to an egg hunt at Tulsa Country Club with Tony's mom and had a ton of fun!  They came home with a huge amount of candy and stories about the Easter Bunny dropping candy from a helicopter and how Cole got one of the golden eggs!

We also colored and decorated a few eggs before Easter. Cate was excited to get in on the action this year. 
They really like the dye part the best and lose interest after that. 
And we only ended up with three cracked eggs that landed on the floor somehow!  Haha!
Hopefully next Easter will feel a little more like a celebration and not just getting by!  But we did have some fun and made some good memories...we were just pretty tired!

Monday, April 11, 2016

New Sister

Cole and Cate have been getting used to having a new baby sister around. I can't say that it's been easy but everyone is starting to get used to it finally. 
Cole definitely pays more attention to Emma. 
He wants her to lay near him and talks to her in his high pitched baby voice.  He's just had more practice being the big brother. 
Cate likes to sit with me while I feed Emma and likes to push her stroller. She talks to her a little bit but mostly because she sees Cole doing that. She's starting to come around though. 
But still wants to be the baby too! :)

Soccer Season

Cole has played three games of the outdoor soccer season so far, and he's loving it! This is his first time to play games on a team like this since we've been doing Little Kickers up until this point. We will definitely be doing a little of both because he has learned a ton from Little Kickers and it shows on the field!

Tony volunteered to coach Cole's team and they named their team the Panthers. They practice on Mondays and have games on Saturdays.

For their first game, they played the Avengers. They play three on three with no goalie. So everyone is really just trying to get the ball and score. Cole was the star player! He scored 15 goals and just ran circles around the other kids. He really has some great skills from his almost two years of indoor practice! He had a great time and the other kids on his team had fun too. A couple scored a goal too. So the Panthers won by a lot!

For their second game, they played another Avengers team. This team had another kid that was good, like Cole, so they went after the ball most of the game. Cole scored four goals this time. He didn't get to play as much either because all six of our players were there. The Panthers lost by a couple of goals in this game.
Tony's mom has come to all of Cole's games, which has been really fun! She's even braved the cold mornings for the second and third games.

Cole's third game was against the Superheroes last Saturday. Cole had another big scoring game with 11 goals, and the Panthers won again. The kids on the Superheroes team seemed a lot smaller and younger than the kids on our team, but you never know. They play in a U5 age group, so it's possible.
The end of the game is always hilarious! The parents make a tunnel for the kids to run through and they always run through the tunnel on the opposing team! Haha! Then they make it back to our team tunnel and then just keep going back and forth through both of them!
Cole and the Emma Girl! She's managed to sleep through all three games so far!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Baby Emma

Our little girl, Emma Joann, was born on March 14th at 3:54 pm. She was 6 pounds 15 ounces and 19.5 inches long. 
She has a full head of dark hair and is the littlest of our babies. 

The grandparents and big brother and sister were her first visitors. 
Cole and Cate were excited about their big bro/sis gifts!
And sweet Cate was very excited to meet her little sister and wanted to hold her first. 
More pictures to come about our first weeks at home and of our sweet baby girl!

Cole's 5th Birthday

Cole turned 5 last Friday!  He's growing up so much and it's so crazy to think that he is 5 now. We had only been home from the hospital for two days, so Tony's parents helped us make his day special. 

They took Cole to see the movie Zootopia, went to lunch, and took him to Target to pick out a birthday gift.  He picked out the Paw Patroler. Both he and Cate have loved playing with it!

He came back in the afternoon and we hung out while the girls napped. Then he opened the rest of his gifts after dinner. 
Tony's parents came back for dinner and cake at our house too. Cole picked Slim's Chicken for his birthday dinner meal. 
We sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream!
Cole wanted to stay up all night to play with his new toys. We spent the next few days putting together Lego sets too. 
Then Cole got to celebrate his birthday at school on Monday when they got back from Spring Break.  He brought cupcakes and Star Wars napkins for his snack to share with his friends. 
He had been talking about his birthday on the calendar at school all month!

The birthday is a big deal to the Cole Man, so we wanted to make sure his day was special and fun!  

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